NCMIR Projects and Instructions for New Applicants

NCMIR supported research projects fall under two major classifications:

Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs):

The major goal of our portfolio of Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs) is to help drive our TR&D core projects in labeling/probe, biological specimen, instrument, and software development. DBPs strategically guide the direction of new technology by studying challenging and potentially impactful biomedical research questions, thereby expanding the early utility of proposed new technologies. Most drive multiple components of our technology development program. Each subproject also has characteristics appropriate for expanding Resource technology into applications of biomedical relevance.

Many core staff are engaged as active collaborators in DBP projects, often more than one NCMIR scientist per DBP, as these projects span multiple TR&D cores. Others participate in these projects as supporting staff to ensure that the projects receive technological support. Resource personnel, including the PI and co-investigators, also work closely with DBP investigators. In some cases, scientists from DBP investigators’ laboratories/institutions are significantly involved as we are teaming efforts, expertise, and technologies to produce new capabilities.

DBP research problems and investigators are selected to promote expanded usage of NCMIR facilities. Most of the projects profit immediately from technology development pursued in the TR&D projects. What distinguishes these projects from our Collaborative and Service Projects (CSPs) is that each also requires Resource scientists to mature or further develop an emerging Resource capability.

Many of these projects are also clustered around important biomedical or translational research initiatives. Examples of such clustering include projects related to the cell nucleus or protein turnover, metabolism, and degenerative disorders.

Collaboration and Service Projects (CSPs):

Collaboration and Service Projects (CSPs) utilize resources of NCMIR but are not as engaged in driving TR&D as DBPs. Our CSP portfolio is typically comprised of projects which benefit from our unique capabilities and technologies.  

Instructions for NEW Project Applicants:

Researchers wishing to apply for Resource access must submit a NCMIR user application.  Within this online form please describe your respective scientific plans, how these plans relate to your current peer-reviewed funding, and how you anticipate benefitting from the use of advanced Resource capabilities.  These applications are reviewed monthly by our Scientific Advisory Board.