Center for Research in Biological Systems (CRBS) Laboratory for Neurocytology Recharge Rates

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM):
FEI Titan Halo w/ 8k x 8k Direct Detector
EM tomography, STEM
Rate: $214/hr
JEOL JEM-3200EF w/ 4k x 3k Direct Detector
EM tomography, EFTEM/EELS
Rate:  $205/hr
Conventional TEM
Rate:  $66/hr
FEI Technai 12 Spirit
Conventional TEM
Rate:  $86/hr
Serial Blockface Scanning Electron Microscopy (SBEM):
Zeiss Merlin SEM (with Gatan 3View Ultramicrotome)
Rate:  $41/hr
3D X-ray Microscopy (XRM):
Zeiss/Xradia Versa 510
Rate:  $46/hr
Light Microscopy:
Olympus DSU
Spinning Disk Confocal
Rate: $41/hr
Olympus Flouview
Live Cell Imaging
Rate: $42/hr
Olympus Gemini
High Resolution/High Sensitivity Imaging
Rate: $40/hr
Leica SPE II
Photooxidation Workstation
Rate: $51/hr
Sample Preparation:
Leica EM PACT2
High Pressure Freezing
Rate:  $28/shot
Baltec HMP 010
High Pressure Freezing
Rate: $300/session
Leica Ultracut UCT
Rate:  $23/hr
RMC Powertome 
Rate:  $39/hr
Other Services:
Film Development
Rate:  $5/sheet
Training/Technician Support
Rate:  $108/hr

All Non-UC users will be assessed an additional 45% campus Indirect Cost fee.

Please direct any inquires to Nora Makhsudova at (858) 534-5637 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..