The Microscope

I.A. Principles of the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
I.B. Design of the Electron Microscope
I.C. Contrast and Image Formation
I.D. Microcope Disturbances and Alignment
I.E. Operation of the Transmission Electron Microscope
I.F. Other Modes of Transmission Electron Microscope Operation
The Specimen

II.A. Biological Specimen Preparation Techniques
II.B. Radiation Effects
The Micrograph

III.A. Introduction to Image Analysis and Processing of Biological Specimens
III.B. Sources of Noise in TEM Images of Biological Specimens
III.C. Crystals, Symmetry, and Diffraction
III.D. Fourier Image Processing Techniques

III.D.1. Optical Diffraction
III.E. Analyzing Images of Specimens of Different Types
III.F. Considerations Concerning Specimen Preparation and Microscopy
III.G. Image Analysis Using Real Space and Other Reconstruction Methods

III.H. Interpretation and Display of Image Analysis Results

Acknowledgments & Future Directions